March’s Monthly Goals

How is it nearly March?! In all seriousness it feels like Christmas was last week and all of a sudden February is ending. 2017 needs to slow down a little bit, give me time to catch up. With this February coming to an end, I felt it only right that I tell y’all about my monthly goals for this month. This year I’ve been all about setting myself challenges and trying to stick to them. So far it hasn’t exactly been the most effective way of changing myself for the better, but I figured if I start writing about it then maybe that will be more incentive for me to actually try a bit harder.

I have four main goals for this month, all of which are completely irrelevant to each other. Number one is to be a money saving monster and not spend a penny on anything that I don’t need. Saving up for a house was never going to be easy, but i’m not helping myself by eating out twice a week and not giving it a thought. It’s time to reign it in and live my life anti-socially.

Goal number two is to go to the gym at least three times a week. Currently I am all over the place with my schedule with both my jobs demanding most of my time. So I figured if I just spend a wee half hour/hour in the gym three times a week instead of going to the cinema or in bed maybe I could make it work. I guess it could also help me to save money since my membership is only ten pound a month and the cinema is like ten pound a movie. I am craving one of those beautifully skinny and tanned Instagram bodies that I totally know I can’t have because firstly I live in Scotland and I suck at fake tan and secondly, I’m not built like all those girls.

I have literally set myself up to fail with my third goal. It is going to be the bane of my life for the next month, I just know it. Give up chocolate. Why I thought I would create this goal in one of the biggest chocolate months of the calendar I have no idea. Easter eggs are my guilty pleasure, especially Mini Eggs and Malteaster bunnies. I know I will probably end up stockpiling the eggs to eat as soon as March is over and gone which will totally ruin all my hard work but its Easter.

Fourth goal is to turn all my hangers in my wardrobe the wrong way round. Sounds ridiculous but let me finish. By doing this it means that when I wear something I will turn the hanger the right way round. Meaning by the end of the month, I will know all the clothes that I haven’t worn and they will be put in my possible throw out bin. My wardrobe is bursting and I have a walk in wardrobe. It’s ridiculous. So by the end of March I want to have a normal amount of clothes and shoes.



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