Trend Alert: Fishnets

I’ve been wearing fishnets on a weekly basis for the last year and a half because I wear them as part of my work uniform. Before I started wearing them I probably never would have thought I was edgy enough or cool enough to pull them off. But let me tell you, If I can wear them then anyone can wear them.

The newest, coolest trend is wearing those gorgeous fishnets under your your ripped jeans all the way up to your belly button. Who would have thought that it would look so cool, because I wouldn’t have. The hip-hop influence is snaking it’s way into every aspect of the high-street at the moment and it’s almost like a breath of fresh air. Literally anyone can wear it. Perfect for those of us who don’t like showing off our belly buttons but are not afraid to show off our midriffs and even for those who don’t. Tie your top in a knot and get little peeks at your fishnets on the odd occasion.

Want to rock this trend then why not check out what ASOS, Boohoo and MissGuided have on offer.


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