Thoughts of the week: Beauty and the Beast

I went to see Beauty and the Beast on Saturday night with Kelly from work. Before she asked me to go I was planning on boycotting the whole thing because I don’t think they should remake a movie if the original was a complete dream.

Every girl has a childhood disney movie that they were obsessed with and for me that movie was Beauty and the Beast. I loved it. I had the mirror and the outfit and the Belle doll. I literally, watched it to death, knew all the words to all the songs and used to dance around the living room in my costume like I was in the movie. So you can imagine how I didn’t want to ruin the whole idea of Beauty and the Beast by going to see some rubbish knock off.

How wrong I was. From the very first song I had goose bumps and they honestly didn’t go until the movie ended. It was just as magical as the original and thats coming from a hardcore fan. The songs were spot on and the arrangements around the songs were exactly like the original. In my eyes they could not have gotten the movie more spot on.

Emma Watson was a fabulous Belle. Sure she doesn’t have the strongest voice in the world but she was lovely to listen to and to watch. She really is a fabulous actress. The beast was strangely good looking for a beast and the animation throughout the entire thing was gorgeous. There was one point where they go back to Belles home when she was a baby and the scene was just so heart wrenchingly sad and yet so beautifully done. I still have a love/ hate relationship with Gaston, how can I love a character who is just so selfish and evil? I’ll never understand.

They just stayed so true to the original. They didn’t mess around with it, they just kept it the way it was. Which for me was the right way to remake it. Hats off to them because it is definitely up there with the original for me and I imagine it’s keeping lots of other girls in their 20s childhoods alive.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of the week: Beauty and the Beast

  1. Wow so glad I ran across this. I was really questioning whether or not I should go but it seems like I should. Thanks for sharing

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