Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

What better way to honour the bank holiday weekend than with a pink lemonade vodka slush on a Sunday. It really is a Sunday fun-day. Why is it that I just can’t turn down a pink alcoholic cocktail? I am sure that I am not the only one, so it’s definitely an idea that you will all enjoy this pink drink as much as I do.

It’s super easy and so darn yummy. All you need is cotton candy (the pink kind), champagne or sparkling wine and St. Germain liqueur. Simply pop a splash of St. Germain Liqueur in the bottom of your glass along with ice cubes, top up with champagne or your favourite sparking wine and add the cotton candy. Give your cocktail a stir and your ready to enjoy this fantastic little cocktail.

We can thank Lauren Corad for this little gem.



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Whats the one thing I miss most about the countryside? How do you put the greatest place in the world into one tiny answer? I miss sitting on the hill, damp bum in the dirt, big cozy jumper wrapped around me. Most people would think that the view over East Kilbride was the best thing about sitting on that hill at night but it wasn’t. If you just tilted your head back a little bit further you would see what I went up there for.

On a clear night, in the pitch black you would see them twinkling. I don’t know why people say stars twinkle. There more like little balls of unwavering light that are always there even when you can’t see them. Theres something really comforting about that. Sitting on that hill alone and looking up at the stars made me realise that I really could be a hell of a lot more lonely.

Weekly Round-up


Woman gains 30lbs and completely changes her butt (@cguentz.gofit)

Need another reason to not get on the scales this week? Well one woman has proved once again that what your weight does not necessarily equate to being healthy. After putting on 30lbs this woman completely changed her body and she honestly looks fitter and more healthy than she did before.

Proving to me that maybe it’s time I stop standing on the scales and beating myself up about gaining 1lb or 2lbs when I know I’ve been lifting weights and eating well. You can read Claire Maxwell’s story on Cosmopolitan and check out her Instagram above!


Thirteen Reasons Why Hits Netflix

Growing up Thirteen Reason Why was my favourite book. It is what got me started on mysteries and books that make you question everything. I loved everything about it so you can probably gather than I watched the series within the first two days of it being released. It  may not have followed the books completely but god was it fantastic.

I don’t think I have a bad word to say about it. It’s creepy, saddening, eye-opening and so mysterious it even had be guessing and I’ve read the book multiple times. The cast fit each and every character perfectly, there isn’t a single actor that I would want replaced. Oh and the soundtrack is on fire.

I 100% recommend it if you have Netflix and your looking for something new to watch then you should definitely watch it. Just make sure that you have ice cream and tissues too.


Sunshine Getaway To Mallorca

I booked a cheeky wee holiday to Mallorca. Spur of the moment sunshine decision. After looking at random places all over the globe and after deciding that I would save money this year instead of enjoying myself, of course, I booked a weeks holiday to the sun. Figures.

Since I live in Scotland and therefore basically never see the sun, I walked into the travel agents with a treat-yo-self mentality and of course booked a holiday thats adults only and all-inclusive. All about the munchies and the booze.

So the countdown to sun, sea and sand is on. Only six months to go 😦

Spending National Gin and Tonic Day on DrinkHacker


I would absolutely love a gin and tonic right now. However driving nearly 80 miles a day keeps me from having a tipple more often. Gotta be sensible and sober when driving a car kids!

I may not be drinking today but thanks to DrinkHacker I will definitely be having one this weekend with my feet up. There gin and tonic recipes especially for National Gin and Tonic day would appeal to anyone and everyone. Even those of you who wouldn’t usually go for a G&T. Have a wee read at their blog and see what you think but there is nothing better than a wee Fevertree tonic and a fancy gin!



Old Journals

I used to write poetry and songs and little passages when I wasn’t really feeling all that great about everything in my life. I have diary upon diary filled with messages and photos and sketches and ideas. Ideas of where I thought I would be and who I thought I would be with. I found them in my wardrobe this afternoon and sat down to read them with the hope that maybe it would show me just how far I have come. And they did.

Every entry in them is sad. Every journal entry up until last year is sad and depressing. The sort of thing that would worry someone to read. The sort of thing you want to set fire to just so you can hide those thoughts. I can’t believe I would ever allow myself to think those things never mind write them down.

I often said sorry when I really should have been saying goodbye,

You were supposed to love me but instead you taught my demons to swim,

I can’t even drown them in my sorrow anymore.

Everything In Life Is Just For A While

Everything in life is just for a while.
Philip K. Dick
There is something incredibly comforting yet deeply sad about that. On one hand the hard times don’t last but that means the happy times don’t last either. Every moment really does hold meaning in life. I understand that you have to take the good with the bad. Accept the hard times and enjoy and dance in the good times.
Keeping a level head and not taking fantastic times for granted gets hard after a while though. It’s easy to forget that there could be trouble lurking ahead. You become to involved in life that things going wrong doesn’t really become an option. We are all in such a rush to go places and be the people we thought we would be by this point in our lives. I thought I would still be at university doing my Honors but I’m not. I left last year with a degree and just got my first ever proper graduate job.
Maybe accepting that your plan is just that, a plan, is one of the best things your can do. An even better thing and straight out of my book is to not have a plan at all. Take every decision in your stride and follow your gut. Just go where life takes you. Meet the people that are pushed in your direction become the person your life shapes you into and just take one day at a time. Because trust me, this quote is so true its painful.

April Goals

I only have one goal for April. To become a morning person. I think this may be the biggest challenge of my life, however, I have just set my alarm to go off at 6:45am every week day.

I have always dreamed of being a morning person and every time I hit snooze in the morning I wish I wouldn’t. So with that in mind I decided that maybe it’s about time I stop holding myself back and actually give the whole waking up early thing a go. I’ll obviously let you guys know how it goes and I should probably warn those who I see on a daily basis (Kelly) there is going to be a lot of complaining. I apologise in advance.

Trend Alert: Fuchsia Fever

Think pink. However not candy floss pink. Think hot, hot, sizzling fuchsia pink. Whether your feeling brave and wearing head to toe pink or looking for a subtle pink heel or cute fuchsia lip, this is the only colour you need in your wardrobe this Spring/ Summer.

After the colour popped up on the runways of Topshop Unique and Hermès, to name a few, the colour has been everywhere. Probably because it’s so darn wearable. I wore a fuchsia shirt to work yesterday with black jeggings and raincoat and I felt absolutely fabulous whilst wearing it and this is coming from a gal who has not worn anything pink in years.

So brighten up your winter wardrobe with the only hue you need this season and allow yourself to be tickled pink.