Weekly Round-up


Woman gains 30lbs and completely changes her butt (@cguentz.gofit)

Need another reason to not get on the scales this week? Well one woman has proved once again that what your weight does not necessarily equate to being healthy. After putting on 30lbs this woman completely changed her body and she honestly looks fitter and more healthy than she did before.

Proving to me that maybe it’s time I stop standing on the scales and beating myself up about gaining 1lb or 2lbs when I know I’ve been lifting weights and eating well. You can read Claire Maxwell’s story on Cosmopolitan and check out her Instagram above!


Thirteen Reasons Why Hits Netflix

Growing up Thirteen Reason Why was my favourite book. It is what got me started on mysteries and books that make you question everything. I loved everything about it so you can probably gather than I watched the series within the first two days of it being released. It  may not have followed the books completely but god was it fantastic.

I don’t think I have a bad word to say about it. It’s creepy, saddening, eye-opening and so mysterious it even had be guessing and I’ve read the book multiple times. The cast fit each and every character perfectly, there isn’t a single actor that I would want replaced. Oh and the soundtrack is on fire.

I 100% recommend it if you have Netflix and your looking for something new to watch then you should definitely watch it. Just make sure that you have ice cream and tissues too.


Sunshine Getaway To Mallorca

I booked a cheeky wee holiday to Mallorca. Spur of the moment sunshine decision. After looking at random places all over the globe and after deciding that I would save money this year instead of enjoying myself, of course, I booked a weeks holiday to the sun. Figures.

Since I live in Scotland and therefore basically never see the sun, I walked into the travel agents with a treat-yo-self mentality and of course booked a holiday thats adults only and all-inclusive. All about the munchies and the booze.

So the countdown to sun, sea and sand is on. Only six months to go 😦

Spending National Gin and Tonic Day on DrinkHacker


I would absolutely love a gin and tonic right now. However driving nearly 80 miles a day keeps me from having a tipple more often. Gotta be sensible and sober when driving a car kids!

I may not be drinking today but thanks to DrinkHacker I will definitely be having one this weekend with my feet up. There gin and tonic recipes especially for National Gin and Tonic day would appeal to anyone and everyone. Even those of you who wouldn’t usually go for a G&T. Have a wee read at their blog and see what you think but there is nothing better than a wee Fevertree tonic and a fancy gin!




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