Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Whats the one thing I miss most about the countryside? How do you put the greatest place in the world into one tiny answer? I miss sitting on the hill, damp bum in the dirt, big cozy jumper wrapped around me. Most people would think that the view over East Kilbride was the best thing about sitting on that hill at night but it wasn’t. If you just tilted your head back a little bit further you would see what I went up there for.

On a clear night, in the pitch black you would see them twinkling. I don’t know why people say stars twinkle. There more like little balls of unwavering light that are always there even when you can’t see them. Theres something really comforting about that. Sitting on that hill alone and looking up at the stars made me realise that I really could be a hell of a lot more lonely.


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