Finding Your Perfect Running Route

Finding a running route that keeps you on your toes and is just as interesting as the music in your ears is just as big a challenge as actually running. Keeping your mind off the pain happening in your legs is important because without a distraction it’s difficult to ignore everything your putting your body through.

I used to have the perfect running route. It was as beautiful as it was interesting. Yes, it was in the middle of nowhere, as you can probably tell from the photos, but it was the best route for a bit of breathing space. Running is what I used to do to destress. It was my escape from everything around me that I couldn’t control. I could tell my body to run and not stop which to me felt like control. This route was the best discovery I made over my teenage years. Not having it anymore is something I have come to find an annoyance.

Since moving two years ago I haven’t found a route that compares and it’s starting to really annoy me. I liked the fact I could run for miles and not meet a soul, the odd cow and sheep, yes, but never an actual person. I realise that would weird a lot of people out but running was how I got my thoughts in order and let me put things into perspective. In the middle of a town, I literally meet ten people before even leaving the street. It’s a different dynamic here and one that I struggle with.

I have exhausted every route within a two mile radius and none of them keep my attention long enough to let me escape. There are a few further a field that I really do want to try and plan to over the next few weeks. There’s a road that snakes through the country a mile away which I fancy. It sounds like the closest I will get to my old route. There is also a good few at the wind farm just down the road. I will have to drive to get to it but that really doesn’t bother me. It spans for miles so it may take a wee while to discover the routes.

I think once you find a route you like stick with it because that’s half the battle. If you have a route you absolutely hate then you aren’t going to do it as often as you would like to. You also need to find a route that challenges you. Finding a route that incorporates climbs, flats and descents is important for weight loss and toning in the same way that HIIT training is.

I have found that using Strava helps to find a varied route. It lets you plot out your route before you go and see other Strava users routes. Perfect if your looking for something a little bit different or if like me your trying to find a route you can use everyday. It also allows you to keep track of just what workouts your doing and when. Linking up your Fitbit or Garmin or just manually entering your workouts like I do.

I will keep you posted on the route search and when I find one, if I ever find one. I’m a picky bugger.



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