Skincare Sunday

Once a month I am going to share my skincare and makeup finds for that month. This month I am all about getting my skin to the best it possibly can be.

Skin care is hard. No two people have the exact same skin type so finding the right products for you is a tough task. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone but dry skin basically everywhere else. Especially on my nose. I don’t really understand how one part of skin can be oily yet dry at the same time but it is which is a real pain sometimes.

It doesn’t help that what you eat and hormones also effect your skin so even if you have found the product that works for you it won’t always be effective. I try and drink lots of water and stay away from sugary sweets as I have found they don’t agree with my skin.

I only have a few products for this month and they are all tried and tested. Just keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you.

Moringa Cleansing Balm by Emma Hardie

This daily cleanser has done wonders for my skin. It says it cleans deep into pores, moisturises and calms skin, all of which it definitely does. It makes easy work removing 995a430ea547b907bbc8dda7f8836958make-up. Even tough eyeliner and waterproof lipstick can’t stand up to this baby. You can even leave it on your skin for around ten minutes and it becomes a hydrating mask.

This product has changed my skincare routine. Its the only product I need as it does everything I need from a skincare product. You can get it from SpaceNK like I did or straight from the Emma Hardie website for £38. If you have the option of getting the face cloth too I would recommend it as it has this almost rough side and then a super soft side which works great with the cleanser.

GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser by Originsorigins_sku_0KWP01_500x625_0.png

I am currently on my third little pot of this amazing moisturiser. I absolutely love everything about this product. The smell is gorgeous, the texture is lovely on your skin and its super easy to wear it under makeup as its not too thick.

Its oil-free so perfect for those of us who have oily or combination skin. Giving not only a refreshed and revitalised look to your skin it also creates a natural looking glow. I usually buy mine from House of Frasers but you can also order it through Feel Unique or straight from the Origins website.


GinZing Peel Off Mask by Origins4e60d39348a7b8ca88196c8b6ed6cd7b

Another smashing product from Origins. You will quickly realise what my go to skin brand is.
After using the moisturiser and loving it like crazy I felt I needed to try out a few other GinZing products. I was not disappointed. I’ll be honest it was more the idea of a satisfying mask peel off mask and the fact it was rose gold that made me buy it rather than the skin saving properties. However this little mask really does work wonders.

Just like the moisturiser, this mask helps to create a natural glow by removing any dead skin cells. It can be quite painful to remove but personally I see that as a sign it’s working.

Top tip: Do not get this in your eyebrow hair. Im almost certain you will pull all your hairs out, however, I do not want to test that theory. Im rather fond of my eyebrows.

Glow Tonic by Pixi


Pixi is another one of my favourite brands. I was introduced to there tonic nearly two years ago and have bought four bottles since then.

This exfoliating tonic helps to tone, firm and tighten skin. It also removes a bunch of dead skin cells to create a healthier looking complexion. Thanks to it also being alcohol free, it doesn’t dry your skin out so its fabulous for all skin types.

The packaging of this product is also gorgeous so leaving it out by the sink is always an option.

Gradual Glow Hydrating Body Milk by DecleorDecleor_Aroma_Confort_Gradual_Glow_Hydrating_Body_Milk_250ml_1363775184.png

I really struggle with self tan. If I could change one thing about myself it would be that. I have
however managed to use this body milk on more than one occasion and have it not be a complete streaky mess.

It gradually builds up to a natural, non orange looking glow. Whilst being easier to apply than fake tan it still gives the same effect. Perfect for us pale gals who want more of a natural glow rather than a full on tan.