Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

What better way to honour the bank holiday weekend than with a pink lemonade vodka slush on a Sunday. It really is a Sunday fun-day. Why is it that I just can’t turn down a pink alcoholic cocktail? I am sure that I am not the only one, so it’s definitely an idea that you will all enjoy this pink drink as much as I do.

It’s super easy and so darn yummy. All you need is cotton candy (the pink kind), champagne or sparkling wine and St. Germain liqueur. Simply pop a splash of St. Germain Liqueur in the bottom of your glass along with ice cubes, top up with champagne or your favourite sparking wine and add the cotton candy. Give your cocktail a stir and your ready to enjoy this fantastic little cocktail.

We can thank Lauren Corad for this little gem.



Trend Alert: Fuchsia Fever

Think pink. However not candy floss pink. Think hot, hot, sizzling fuchsia pink. Whether your feeling brave and wearing head to toe pink or looking for a subtle pink heel or cute fuchsia lip, this is the only colour you need in your wardrobe this Spring/ Summer.

After the colour popped up on the runways of Topshop Unique and Hermès, to name a few, the colour has been everywhere. Probably because it’s so darn wearable. I wore a fuchsia shirt to work yesterday with black jeggings and raincoat and I felt absolutely fabulous whilst wearing it and this is coming from a gal who has not worn anything pink in years.

So brighten up your winter wardrobe with the only hue you need this season and allow yourself to be tickled pink.


Trend Alert: Statement Sleeves

This new trend of statement sleeves is my new absolute favourite. They just look so chic no matter what style they are. Flounce, ruffle or tie sleeves the possibilities are endless. Perfect for taking any everyday look to the next level without even trying.

You can get any of the styles online and the three below are just some of my favourites, all of which are from ASOS.

You can easily see how texture is now dominating design over colour with these dramatic designs. Making them all very wearable and easy to style. The key to getting this trend right is going easy on the accessories and letting the top do all the talking.



Trend Alert: Teddy Bear Coat

This has got to be one of my favourite trends for a long, long time. Who doesn’t love a teddy bear coat. Warm, fluffy and incredibly stylish. It’s almost like wearing your dressing gown outside and getting away with it. Every girls dream.

It doesn’t matter if your choice of teddy bear is slim fit, over sized, midi length or cropped because you will look fabulous no matter what you choose. With teddy bear coats available everywhere at the moment you won’t have to look very far to find your perfect style.



My favourite find is this coat by Tularosa. Its longer length, large collar and thin waist belt make it super wearable for everyday and night. You can get it HERE for $228 and look absolutely fabulous all winter.


Trend Alert: Fishnets

I’ve been wearing fishnets on a weekly basis for the last year and a half because I wear them as part of my work uniform. Before I started wearing them I probably never would have thought I was edgy enough or cool enough to pull them off. But let me tell you, If I can wear them then anyone can wear them.

The newest, coolest trend is wearing those gorgeous fishnets under your your ripped jeans all the way up to your belly button. Who would have thought that it would look so cool, because I wouldn’t have. The hip-hop influence is snaking it’s way into every aspect of the high-street at the moment and it’s almost like a breath of fresh air. Literally anyone can wear it. Perfect for those of us who don’t like showing off our belly buttons but are not afraid to show off our midriffs and even for those who don’t. Tie your top in a knot and get little peeks at your fishnets on the odd occasion.

Want to rock this trend then why not check out what ASOS, Boohoo and MissGuided have on offer.