Are You Hungry or Bored?

Learning the difference between being hungry and bored is super important when your trying to cut out all the foods you really shouldn’t be eating. I like to nibble at snacks while I work and it really doesn’t help that I am sat right next to the biscuits, sweets and crisps. Since I started working full time I have struggled to tell the difference between being bored or stressed and being hungry.

The best way around this mystery is by constantly sipping on water. When I wake up in the morning I will have a pint of water before I do anything else. I have found this helps to settle my stomach and makes eating breakfast so much easier. Up until a month ago I never ate breakfast so I am still getting used to the fact I now eat in the morning. I plan on sharing a few of my favourite breakfast ideas in a blog post soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Once I have had my water in the morning I do half an hour of yoga and then get ready for work. At work everyone drinks so much coffee it might as well come straight out the tap. I try not to drink too much due to the caffeine and the fact I have to put sugar in my coffee to enjoy it. Throughout the day I will drink another three pints of water. One an hour before I eat my lunch to help speed up my metabolism and the rest whenever I get the chance.

After work Kelly and I go to the park for a run before we both go our separate ways home. Usually on my way home I will drink another small bottle of water or diluted juice to tide me over to dinner.

Since I started drinking so much water I have noticed a not only a massive difference in my appetite but there  has also been a massive difference in how well I sleep and how I feel when I wake up. I literally jump out of bed which is the complete opposite of what I am normally like. I used to physically cry with the thought of getting up and now I actually look forward to it. There has also been a huge difference in my skin and the number of breakouts I have had. When I first started I did get a good few spots however now that I am a couple of weeks in my skin has really cleared up and I actually look well rested for once.

I am putting all of this down to water which seems very hard to believe but I have literally changed nothing else in my life. So if your struggling to lose weight due to being bored not hungry and eating anyway, try drinking more water. It will make you realise that you really are just bored most of the time and therefore so much easier to make those life changes and reach those body goals.


5 Steps To Bossing That Morning Workout

They do say that the early bird catches the worm. While everyone else is asleep just think about how far ahead you could get! That’s been my number one push to get up early. I want to change my life and I am not going to do that by sleeping in till eight every day.

Setting That Bloody Alarm

Setting that alarm is the easy part, it’s actually getting up when your alarm goes off thats tough. I have found that wearing my activity tracker to bed and setting my alarm on the app for a smooth wake up is a lot better than a loud obnoxious alarm. Waking up to a soft vibration of your wrist is a much better wake up and one that doesn’t put me in a bad mood before I’ve even set foot out of bed.

Put Your Workout Gear Where You Can See It

Laying your workout gear out at night before bed is also a huge motivation. The fact that it’s all there ready to go as soon as you wake up means your more likely to wake up in that mindset. It also helps if you have nice workout gear that you enjoy wearing because then you’ll want to put it on. Put it somewhere you can see it in the morning to push you to get up.

Fresh Tunes

Have your playlist ready to go. Whatever music your into have your playlist set, mix it up just like you would your workouts to keep it fresh and exciting. Have music that matches the pace of your workout. I have found that having music with a strong beat makes running so much easier. Hitting the pavement on the beat helps to keep a steady rhythm, therefore you keep the same steady pace and in theory the same breathing pace.

Plan Out Your Workouts

Know what workouts your doing before bed. If your going to the gym, swimming, running or doing a class, know what your going to set your goal as before bed. Having that motivation when you wake up of putting your gym clothes on and going straight where you planned means you have no chance to back out. Treat it as a meeting that you can’t miss or be late for.

Believe You Can Boss It

Have your mind set on the fact that you can do anything the day throws at you and that includes the hard sweaty workout you have planned first thing in the morning. I have found that going to bed motivated and having a good night sleep makes it so much easier to believe in yourself in the morning. So get the shut eye that you need and you will get the workout in that you deserve.

YouTube Videos For A Great Home Workout

With summer literally right around the corner and the weather starting to get better, I have realised that I am not exactly beach body ready. This year I have decided to change that and really push to get the body I have always wanted.

I try to go to the gym three times a week and the days I am not at the gym I’m completing loads of great workouts from Youtube. Youtube is literally full to bursting with fantastic, empowering and motivational workouts that anybody could do in the comfort of their own home.

I have complied a short list of the workouts that I have completed so far and absolutely loved. Yes they are incredibly hard but you honestly feel so good once your done. Almost makes rolling out of bed at 6:30am every morning worth it.

I shall continue doing the workouts in this list for the next four weeks and hopefully by the end of June I will have some noticeable differences in my body.

Burn 500 Calories in 45 Minutes With This Cardio and Sculpting Workout by PopSugar Fitness

I will admit that I was completely drawn in with the title and a little part of me thought that there was no way the workout could do exactly what it said on the tin. How wrong I was. This workout is a sweat feast. It’s full of explosive moves that take you from a warm up to a kick boxing segment to a sculpt.

If you want to work your whole body and burn a hell of a lot of calories then you really don’t have to look much further than this little beauty.

30 Minute Selena Gomez Workout for Flat Abs and Toned Legs by PopSugar

Your booty will be burning for days after this workout. It takes you through a range of ballet inspired moves and strange crunch workouts but by doing this it’s targeting key areas such as lower abs and your booty.

This is one of my favourites down to the fact you can feel the burn for days afterwards. You just know that you have gotten in a really good workout which makes everyday a good day.

I think we just need to keep in mind that even if you can’t do all the moves in the workout and have to do modified versions, your still doing a hell of a lot more moving than you would be if you had chosen to stay in bed for an hour longer. I feel great about myself as soon as I have finished my workout because I chose to start it and I chose to finish it.

 Plank Challenge by Rebecca Louise Fitness

If like me, you love a good plank but struggle to find the motivation to keep going or you just want to find different variations on a good classic move then Rebecca Louise will definitely be able to help.

This five minute workout takes you through the basic plank moves that focus on building your core. If your looking to gain those washboard abs and toned waist then this is a super move.

Lift Tone Booty Routine With Katrina

These two beautiful women are body goals. I find there charisma and chemistry fun to watch and at times I find myself smiling through the pain. Seeing there abs right in front of me whilst my tummy tires are rolling does make you hate yourself slightly but at the same time it’s the perfect motivation.

4 Minute Lower Body Burpee Gauntlet Challenge by Turbulence Challenge

4 minutes seems easy. It’s not with Turbulence Challenge. These simple moves target key problem areas and burn a huge amount of calories. Perfect for weight loss and toning. They have plenty of workouts that don’t require any gym equipment or weights and they are one of the few channels that I like that would cater to both men and women.

No Gym Full Body Workout by Jordan Yeoh Fitness

This workout is again short and sweet. Circuits at there best. Simple yet powerful moves that burn a hell of a lot of calories. You know they burn a hell of a lot of calories because the burn is real. Burpees are my worst enemy so when you finish that final circuit the relief if real but so it the sense of achievement. If you want to not only feel good but look good then this guy is defiantly a good idea.


Finding Your Perfect Running Route

Finding a running route that keeps you on your toes and is just as interesting as the music in your ears is just as big a challenge as actually running. Keeping your mind off the pain happening in your legs is important because without a distraction it’s difficult to ignore everything your putting your body through.

I used to have the perfect running route. It was as beautiful as it was interesting. Yes, it was in the middle of nowhere, as you can probably tell from the photos, but it was the best route for a bit of breathing space. Running is what I used to do to destress. It was my escape from everything around me that I couldn’t control. I could tell my body to run and not stop which to me felt like control. This route was the best discovery I made over my teenage years. Not having it anymore is something I have come to find an annoyance.

Since moving two years ago I haven’t found a route that compares and it’s starting to really annoy me. I liked the fact I could run for miles and not meet a soul, the odd cow and sheep, yes, but never an actual person. I realise that would weird a lot of people out but running was how I got my thoughts in order and let me put things into perspective. In the middle of a town, I literally meet ten people before even leaving the street. It’s a different dynamic here and one that I struggle with.

I have exhausted every route within a two mile radius and none of them keep my attention long enough to let me escape. There are a few further a field that I really do want to try and plan to over the next few weeks. There’s a road that snakes through the country a mile away which I fancy. It sounds like the closest I will get to my old route. There is also a good few at the wind farm just down the road. I will have to drive to get to it but that really doesn’t bother me. It spans for miles so it may take a wee while to discover the routes.

I think once you find a route you like stick with it because that’s half the battle. If you have a route you absolutely hate then you aren’t going to do it as often as you would like to. You also need to find a route that challenges you. Finding a route that incorporates climbs, flats and descents is important for weight loss and toning in the same way that HIIT training is.

I have found that using Strava helps to find a varied route. It lets you plot out your route before you go and see other Strava users routes. Perfect if your looking for something a little bit different or if like me your trying to find a route you can use everyday. It also allows you to keep track of just what workouts your doing and when. Linking up your Fitbit or Garmin or just manually entering your workouts like I do.

I will keep you posted on the route search and when I find one, if I ever find one. I’m a picky bugger.


Junes Monthly Goals

Summer is officially right around the corner so no surprises here that this months goals are going to be summer body related.

Time to get my sweat on and loose a couple extra pounds over the coming month. I used to walk around 15,000 steps a day easy when I working in the pub and the shop but now I sit on my butt all day in an office. So my goal for this month is to walk more than 10,000 steps a day.

I honestly have no idea when I am going to fit those steps in but I know that if I have a goal then I will definitely try. If I don’t make my goal one day, I am not going to stress about it, I will just make up the extra steps later on in the month.

Keeping a record of just how many steps I have done will be easy with my Fossil Q activity tracker. It is a pretty basic activity tracker but it does the job so will be perfect for this monthly goal.



Put Your Trainers Back On.

For about a year now my running trainers have been collecting dust at the back of my wardrobe. I used to run a good eight miles a day but that was years ago. I forgot how much I loved it and started putting it off to do literally anything else.

However, tonight on the way home I saw an older man out running. He could barely lift his feet off the pavement and yet he kept going. It got me thinking, if he can do it then I have no excuse big enough not to.

So, you want to know what I did? I came home, grabbed my dusty trainers from under a pile of shoes I forgot I had and ran a mile and a half. I am a keen believer that you should always find time for the things that make you feel alive and after that run tonight I do actually feel really good about myself. It gives you time to clear your head and just breath deep. Running is really just one step after the other and it doesn’t sound that hard when you put it like that.

So I am currently sitting with my feet up with a massive cup of green tea in my hand, feeling fabulous and kinda hoping that I might have just taken the first step to my Majorca body.