Are You Hungry or Bored?

Learning the difference between being hungry and bored is super important when your trying to cut out all the foods you really shouldn’t be eating. I like to nibble at snacks while I work and it really doesn’t help that I am sat right next to the biscuits, sweets and crisps. Since I started working full time I have struggled to tell the difference between being bored or stressed and being hungry.

The best way around this mystery is by constantly sipping on water. When I wake up in the morning I will have a pint of water before I do anything else. I have found this helps to settle my stomach and makes eating breakfast so much easier. Up until a month ago I never ate breakfast so I am still getting used to the fact I now eat in the morning. I plan on sharing a few of my favourite breakfast ideas in a blog post soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Once I have had my water in the morning I do half an hour of yoga and then get ready for work. At work everyone drinks so much coffee it might as well come straight out the tap. I try not to drink too much due to the caffeine and the fact I have to put sugar in my coffee to enjoy it. Throughout the day I will drink another three pints of water. One an hour before I eat my lunch to help speed up my metabolism and the rest whenever I get the chance.

After work Kelly and I go to the park for a run before we both go our separate ways home. Usually on my way home I will drink another small bottle of water or diluted juice to tide me over to dinner.

Since I started drinking so much water I have noticed a not only a massive difference in my appetite but there  has also been a massive difference in how well I sleep and how I feel when I wake up. I literally jump out of bed which is the complete opposite of what I am normally like. I used to physically cry with the thought of getting up and now I actually look forward to it. There has also been a huge difference in my skin and the number of breakouts I have had. When I first started I did get a good few spots however now that I am a couple of weeks in my skin has really cleared up and I actually look well rested for once.

I am putting all of this down to water which seems very hard to believe but I have literally changed nothing else in my life. So if your struggling to lose weight due to being bored not hungry and eating anyway, try drinking more water. It will make you realise that you really are just bored most of the time and therefore so much easier to make those life changes and reach those body goals.


5 Steps To Bossing That Morning Workout

They do say that the early bird catches the worm. While everyone else is asleep just think about how far ahead you could get! That’s been my number one push to get up early. I want to change my life and I am not going to do that by sleeping in till eight every day.

Setting That Bloody Alarm

Setting that alarm is the easy part, it’s actually getting up when your alarm goes off thats tough. I have found that wearing my activity tracker to bed and setting my alarm on the app for a smooth wake up is a lot better than a loud obnoxious alarm. Waking up to a soft vibration of your wrist is a much better wake up and one that doesn’t put me in a bad mood before I’ve even set foot out of bed.

Put Your Workout Gear Where You Can See It

Laying your workout gear out at night before bed is also a huge motivation. The fact that it’s all there ready to go as soon as you wake up means your more likely to wake up in that mindset. It also helps if you have nice workout gear that you enjoy wearing because then you’ll want to put it on. Put it somewhere you can see it in the morning to push you to get up.

Fresh Tunes

Have your playlist ready to go. Whatever music your into have your playlist set, mix it up just like you would your workouts to keep it fresh and exciting. Have music that matches the pace of your workout. I have found that having music with a strong beat makes running so much easier. Hitting the pavement on the beat helps to keep a steady rhythm, therefore you keep the same steady pace and in theory the same breathing pace.

Plan Out Your Workouts

Know what workouts your doing before bed. If your going to the gym, swimming, running or doing a class, know what your going to set your goal as before bed. Having that motivation when you wake up of putting your gym clothes on and going straight where you planned means you have no chance to back out. Treat it as a meeting that you can’t miss or be late for.

Believe You Can Boss It

Have your mind set on the fact that you can do anything the day throws at you and that includes the hard sweaty workout you have planned first thing in the morning. I have found that going to bed motivated and having a good night sleep makes it so much easier to believe in yourself in the morning. So get the shut eye that you need and you will get the workout in that you deserve.

Drink, Drank, Drunk: Silent Pool

This absolutely gorgeous bottle of gin is the child of a Surrey based distiller. I am going to start off by saying it is by far one of my favourite gins. Silent Pool Gin, Fever-Tree tonic and ice in a glass is a dream.

The 24 botanicals in this beautiful bottle create a floral, citrus combination that you would be silly not to love. You would think that I was talking about the love of my life with home many positive describing words I am using but it is honestly, hand on heart, gorgeous in and out the bottle. Perfect for sitting out in your back garden with your feet up in the sunshine. And can we also pay attention to the gorgeous blue and bronze bottle?

Being new to this whole gin thing is absolutely fantastic! Everything is brand new and finding weird and wonderful distilleries right here in the UK is very exciting. Who would have thought that we would have so many fantastic gins right on our doorstep. My work has mostly been the reason I drink more than Bombay Sapphire now. We have been researching distilleries to reach out to and hopefully build connections with which has obviously made me want to try all these small batch gins that are just starting to pop up all over the place.

Weekly Round Up

Out of everything weird and wonderful I read, watched and listened to this week you will find all of my favourite finds right here. Everything from the song that I’ve been listening to on repeat to a stupid meme that made me laugh.

Glitter Booty Trend

To start off with I honestly thought this was the most ridiculous thing ever but then I thought about it for a bit and I kinda love it. Girls with sand on their butts is thought to be super sexy so why not completely revamp it with every girls best friend: GLITTER!!

Obviously it isn’t exactly the sort of trend that ordinary people can pull off but Instagram glitter booty is just fabulous!

I read about this trend on Mashable and feel free to read about it HERE. If you want to give this  trend a go then apply some hair gel and then simply pop on a crazy amount of glitter.


Too Faced Glitter Bomb Palette

This weekly round up wasn’t supposed to be completely glitter related but it’s a happy coincidence that so much glitter is happening in one week.

Too Faced have announced a brand spanking new eyeshadow palette made up of glitter and nothing but glitter. You won’t even have to wait that long for it either with its release expected in June.

With eight different colours, ranging from hot pink to pastel blue there is a little something for everyone. Better get ready to sparkle like the unicorn you are.


Drag Queens and Make Up Remover

I just happened to stumble upon this video on cosmopolitan and it had me in stitches at some points. Not only does it showcase just how fabulous Urban Decays Makeup Meltdown Products are but it also makes you laugh so really it’s a win win situation.

Not sure if you can completely trust that its an honest review of the products since it’s produced by Urban Decay but I don’t even care. If it can take drag queen make up off then I am pretty sure it can take my tinted moisturiser off.  If you fancy giving it a watch then you will find the video here.


Red Sky July

Getting introduced to new bands is one of my favourite things. I just love music, especially country music so hearing that theres a fabulous band out there that I haven’t listened to yet gets my heart racing.

My boss introduced me to Red Sky July after finding out I have a soft spot for Marty Stuart and he was definitely right in thinking I would like them. I love soft harmonies and simply played acoustic guitar layered with intricate pluck patterns. Anything with a country vibe and I’m listening to it. If you would like to give them a listen you can find everything you need on their website.


Surprise Motivational Push

I was sitting eating a Toffee Crisp in bed with my hair up in one of those messy buns you hope looks sexy but you know it looks like you haven’t washed in four days when this little gem popped up. A little reminder that if you don’t work for something then you aren’t going to achieve anything.

So I got up out of bed and I went for a run. I ran for twenty minutes and then sat down and wrote this blog post. It was just that little push I needed to make myself do something with my night. Isn’t it strange that words can do that. Normally it’s an image of a tanned, beautifully skinny Instagram model that makes me cry and work out. Not this time. There were no tears and I worked off my Toffee Crisp so it was a winning situation all round.




This gorgeous fitness model is not like all the others. She recently posted an image about body angles and how fitness models use them to their advantage. On one side she was showing how she would pose to show her best angles and in the other she stood like she would normally. Highlighting that ‘perfect’ is just an illusion.

She fabulously captures how comparing your body to Instagram gals is nothing more than a way to make yourself hate your body. It’s not even possible to look like that in everyday life.You can’t have perfect lighting, angles and the right clothes all the time. Its impossible to reach these Instagram standards and it was actually really cool of her to remind us of that.